Three students sitting together at a table in the library and studying with computer and books.


Accessible Media service

Are you a student at Södertörn University or The Swedish Red Cross University College with a reading impairment that affects your studies? At the library we can help you find and acquire modified books. 

Picture of the talking books staff at the SH library

The talking books staff, from left to right: Jessica, Åsa and Moa

How do you get started with talking books?

You contact us at and we will find a time to meet with you.

During an introduction we register you at MTM: Swedish Agency for Accessible Media and show you how you can yourself download and listen to books from the MTM-catalogue,

If you need further assistance in your studies, consult the University's coordinator of student support, at for SH-students and for RKH -students.

Contact us at Accessible Media service


Course literature list

It´s important that you have an up-to-date literature list for your course. Try to get a copy of it as early as possible. If the literature list is not available on the university website contact the school secretary of the subject you are studying. Ask if you may get copies of the literature lists for upcoming courses as well, preferably a couple of months in advance.

Reading in mobile devices

Do you want to read a talking book on your smartphone or tablet, that's fine too. Legimus is also available as an app, free of charge. 

Digital access

Most of the course literature is available as an e-book. Search for them in our search tool SöderScholar. Certain e-books can be read by voice synthesizer software. For more information speak to a member of staff at the Information desk in the library.

If you do not find the book at

If there is a book which is not available yet as a talking book from the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) Legimus, library staff can order it. Contact us at

Please note: A new talking book can take up to two months to produce.

Articles and compendia (course literature)

  • Article or compendia that are only available in paper form : Scan material and save the file as a PDF, via computer or tablet. Now you can get your text read aloud in any voice synthesizer.
  • Is the article in digital format : Save the article to your tablet, smartphone or computer and have the text read aloud in a reading program or an app that has voice synthesiz support. There are currently several different apps with  voice synthesizer on the market.
  • The library have the speech synthesiz support Tor Talk that read aloud locked pdf files, articles, e-books and websites. EasyReader is also a speech synthesize program that reads the downloaded talking books from Legimus. You can find Tor Talk and EasyReader on computers in the It lab UB518 and Info Workshop UB517.
  • Scanner connected to a computer is available in the resource room.

Loan of  laptop computers

The library has laptop computers, called "108 computers", for loan to students with disabilites. Programs to help you with your studies are installed on each of these loan laptops. The loan period for these laptops is up to two weeks.

The resource room

The library contains the university's resource room that is for those who have a disability. The resource room is equipped with read-screen, scanner, printer and two computers with various support programs.

Book the resource room

Borrow a talking book on CD

If you, for any reason, are unable to download a talking book it can be ordered through the library. Contact us at