Three students sitting together at a table in the library and studying with computer and books.



SH-StudyWeb is the learning management system (LMS) used for all courses and programmes at Södertörn University. It provides most of what you need for your studies, such as course rooms, access to services and resources, news for students and much more.

SH-StudyWeb can also be used to communicate with teachers and coursemates, as well as accessing written assignments and course materials.

How do I access SH-StudyWeb and my course room?

If you are already a student and have an SH-Account (username and password), you can access SH-StudyWeb now. It provides general information about the university, course rooms for the spring semester and Ladok services.

On the start page, click on "Login" in the upper right corner.

New student? How to log in:

  1. Register. Instructions are in the welcome e-mail sent to you before the semester start.
  2. Go to the university website’s start page,
  3. Click on “Log in” in the top right-hand corner.


  1. Go straight to
  2. Click on "Logga in med SH-konto".
  3. Fill in your SH-Account (username and password) that you got in the welcome e-mail.


You will receive your login information within a few hours of registering via the web or being registered by an administrator, which is the time it takes to process your registration. You may need to wait for up to four hours before entering your course room(s).

The itslearning app

SH-StudyWeb has an app that you can download for free from App Store or Google Play. Search for "it's learning". The app is a convenient way of seeing what is happening on the course. You can get push-notifications if a teacher has uploaded new documents, set a take-home exam, sent a message or created an assignment grade.

Problems or questions?

Problems with SH-StudyWeb's functionality, uploading a document, etc.? Suggestions for improvements or a more general question? Please contact

Problems logging in with your SH-Account? Please contact MedieCenter - details are on their webpage. 

What’s on SH-StudyWeb?

Among other things, you can:

  • Find course materials, instructions, assessments and other things that your teacher has uploaded for your course.
  • Follow what is happening on the course by reading messages about new assignments or room changes, for example.
  • Keep in contact with your teachers and other students via the discussion forum and chat.
  • Submit assignments.
  • Register for examinations via “LADOK on the web”.
  • Write course evaluations and examinations.
  • Read the news for students from the university.