Three students sitting together at a table in the library and studying with computer and books.


Group study rooms and study environment

Welcome to study in the library. There are individual study areas and group study rooms. We offer both desktop computers in the library and laptop computers on loan during the day. You can also connect to one of the wireless networks available.

Newspaper on a tableComfort rules

The library is a popular study place. It is therefore important to pay attention to the different noise levels acceptable in different zones. On floor 5 there are tables designated at group study and some noise is accepted, as well as on half of floor 6. On the other half of floor 6, as well as in the silent reading room, silence is expected.

Fruits, candy and beverages are allowed in the library provided that you throw away all garbage. All other eating of food is referred to restaurants, cafés and eating areas in the Moas båge building or at the Swedish Red Cross University College.


Information about accessibility in the library premises can be found on page Access and premises.

Finding your way

The library is divided into two floors; floor 5, which is the entrance floor, and floor 6. The silent reading room is located between these floors. Above the library you will find examination halls. All rooms in the library building are named UB, followed by three digits. The first digit is your key to finding the right floor.

Here you will find a map of the library premises.

The silent reading room

The silent reading room is located on floor 5,5 (lift: press 5+). Look for the walls made of glass. In here you will find both armchairs and desks. Writing on a laptop is acceptable but other than that this room is to be completely silent.

Reading areas

In the quiet part of floor 6 you will also find reading areas, down by the windows (lift: press 6-) as well as just above. Some of the library's desktop computers are placed in this area. Facing Primus you will find a couple of armchairs. Part of the library collection is located here, meaning it is a somewhat busy area. It is, however, part of the library's quiet zone and are thus to be quiet. On floor 5, between the group rooms and one of the staircases you can find tables with adjustable heights, suitable for one person.

Group study area

On floor 5 and on half of floor 6 (talking zone) there are tables suitable for group studies, along by the windows as well as between shelves. On floor 5 some tables are located on the lower part by the windows (lift: press 6-). All tables are equipped with electrical outlets, most in the form of a submerged column in the center of the table. Touch this and it will get up.

Group study rooms

In the library there are ten group study rooms that you can book with your SH-account, provided that you are a student at SH or RKH. Note that all group rooms are unlocked. Do not leave valuables unattended. In case the room has not been brought into use after 30 minutes, it may be taken over by another group. Group rooms UB519-522 and UB525 are located on floor 5. Group rooms UB618-622 are to be found on floor 6.

IT lab UB518

In the quiet IT lab in the library you will find desktop computers, some equipped with support programs, such as EasyReader and TorTalk. No prebooking.

Info workshop UB517

The Info workshop is foremost used for educational meetings between students and librarians. If you are attending a tutorial on information searches or an introduction to talking books this is probably where you will be. When the room is not in use by staff it may be used by everyone (no prebooking). There are tables for group studies and two computers, one containing support programs.
More information about the library's tutorials on information searches.
More information about Accessibla Media service.

The Study Support Unit

Next to the Info workshop is the Study Support Unit, where you may get tutored on writing, speaking and study techniques, provided that you are a student at SH or RKH. The room is closed when no staff is present.
More information about the Study Support Unit.

The Resource room UB523

The Resource room is for students at SH and RKH with a disability. You must prebook this room. Read more on page Accessible Media service.

Relaxation room

The library has a Relaxation room on floor 5. Ask a member of staff at the Information desk and we will let you in. No prebooking.

Lecture halls UB616 och UB617

In case you are attending education in the library, this is probably where you are going. These rooms may only be booked by staff. The rooms are locked when not in use.
Information about the library's teaching (for teachers).

Using a desktop computer

Computer workspaces are spread around the library, mainly on floor 6. Between the group rooms and one of the staircases on floor 6 there are standing tables with desktop computers. You can also use the computers mentioned above. All computers in the library are equipped with Microsoft Office programs. Computers are not to be prebooked. Your SH-account is your login information.

Visitors may get a temporary pass to use the computers throughout the day, to be collected at the Information desk upon presenting valid identification.

Borrowing a laptop computer

As a student at SH or RKH you may also borrow a laptop throughout the day. Laptops are checked out through the Information desk and may not be prebooked or requested beforehand. Please note that laptops must be returned before closing time.

If you are a student at SH or RKH with a reading impairment you may also borrow laptops equipped with special support programs during two weeks. Read more on page Accessible Media service.

The wireless network

At the library there are two wireless networks: Eduroam and SHGuest.

Students and staff at SH can use both, although we recommend Eduroam. More information can be found on the Södertörn University page Wireless networks.

Students and staff at RKH can use Eduroam with their credentials from RKH. More information can be found on the RKH website (Swedish only).

Guest visitors can get temporary access to the wireless network from the SH MedieCenter, upon presenting valid identification.