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    Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region: An international workshop

    This international workshop will bring together researchers working on LGBTQ kinship, families and relationships in the Baltic, Central and Eastern European region.

    This workshop, hosted by and directly related to the research project ‘Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region’, will gather invited researchers from different disciplines who are specialised in research on LGBTQ kinship, families and relationships as they relate to through social movements, new legal regulations and assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) in the Baltic, Central and Eastern European region.

    Workshop presentations pay particular attention to issues concerning what LGBTQ reproduction and family making teaches us about broader societal understandings of national and racial belonging, relatedness and (reproductive) futurity. These topics will be addressed both on a more theoretical level (e.g. related to ethical-, cultural- and political theorisations of kinship and reproduction), on a policy level (related to national and regional understandings of family recognition) as well as on a more concrete and practice-oriented level (e.g. in relation to ‘doing family’ on an everyday level in different locales).


    This workshop consists of presentations given by invited speakers. However, the interested public is welcome to attend and participate in the discussions. All participants are expected to send their confirmation of attendance to raili.uibo@sh.se by April 20th.


    The workshop will gather 15-20 researchers and stretch over two days: both days consisting of panel presentations of new/in progress research with the aim of furthering the conversation about queer perspectives on kinship, family, reproduction. The first day of the conference will focus on current empirical research on Queer Kinship in the CEE region, while the second day will further elaborate on the theoretical and methodological implications for the broader field. For full programme, see conference site, link below.

    The participants have been invited to present original rather than already published work. Each presenter has a maximum of 20 minutes for their paper.

    The planned outcome of this workshop is a joint publication that would gather the different research contributions into an anthology. Moreover, the workshop aims to function as a breeding ground for a regional network for scholars working on queer kinship.

    Tid och plats

    När: mã¥ndag 24 april kl. 09:00 - tisdag 25 april kl. 17:00

    Vad: konferens, workshop

    Var: At CBEES, on the seventh floor in the main building, Södertörn University

    Arrangeras av: The research project Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region, financially supported by the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University.