What's included?

Entrepreneurship, economic growth and the socio-economic system

This course examines theories about the socio-economic system and its impact on entrepreneurial activities and economic growth, covering theories about the economy’s capital structure and the interplay between cultural, political and economic institutions, as well as relating advanced socio-economic theory to societal problems in different economies. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the interplay between economic performance and the surrounding society based on socio-economic theory, as well as about institutional conditions and economic progress based on socio-economic theory. You will also learn how to apply economic theory about the socio-economic system using comparative institutional analysis combined with qualitative and quantitative methods, leading to an understanding of its impact on entrepreneurship and economic growth. The course also relates the economic perspective to other activities, both nationally and internationally, and teaches you how to approach theory-based statements in a critical and analytical manner, as well as to appraise how theoretical perspectives and model selection have an impact on scientific work.

Course design

The course consists of seminars that are based on introductory lectures. Examination is through written take-home examination, hand-in assignments and active participation in seminars.