What's included?

Learn to communicate effectively with stakeholders and the public

On this course, you will examine communication processes between heterogeneous sets of stakeholders, with the aim of promoting understanding of complex environmental issues, as well as analysing communication strategies with the general public and relating them to institutional structures, as well as to public attitudes towards environmental issues. You will also analyse and evaluate the different roles of organisations in the processes involved in environmental communication, as well as assessing communication theories, including risk/crisis communication, to gain an understanding of communication processes about environmental issues, both within organisations and from organisations to the public, the media and other institutions. You will learn to apply advanced theoretical frameworks to different cases and issues in risk communication, public relations, and media activism, and to present and discuss literature reviews and reports, as well as examining ethical aspects of the media in relation to theories of environmental communication. Teaching staff on the course are active researchers, who link the course content to current research where appropriate.

Course design

The course is built up around lectures, with group meetings and compulsory discussion seminars. Grades are awarded on the basis of oral contributions in the discussion seminars and a written take-home exam.