What's included?

Theory and method for planning and implementing quantitative studies

This course provides in-depth, systematic knowledge of advanced forms of regression analysis that is expanded through the systematic review of frequently used regression diagnostic methods and tools. Other quantitative analysis methods, such as time series analysis and factor analysis, are also covered. You will learn to identify and critically assess how, and with what theoretical and methodological tools, quantitative studies are planned and implemented, as well as describe and apply advanced knowledge of regression analysis and knowledge of time series analysis and factor analysis. Practically, you will examine data taken from contemporary quantitative research, such as the ESS (European Social Survey) or the quality of life indicators from Eurostat, and use computer software for statistical analysis.

Course design

Teaching consists of lectures, seminars (including computer exercises) and group exercises. Assessment is conducted through seminar participation, written assignments, practical exercises in selected statistical software, and a written take-home examination.