Scholarly writing in Critical Romani Studies


Critical Romani Studies: Emancipatory Perspectives on Romani Issues II, Essay

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On this course you, will write an essay on a specific issue in critical Romani Studies, for example identity, representation, Antiziganism, Romani history or feminism. You encounter perspectives in the theory of knowledge and methodology, and formulate a research question relevant to Critical Romani Studies.

En plats för nyfikenhet och ambitioner med utbildningar som förbereder för framtiden.

Writing on Romani rights, emancipation and mobilisation In this course, which includes guest lectures from the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture's Barvalipe Roma Online University, you will plan and execute a small-scale scholarly study that focuses on an issue in Critical Romani Studies, and present it in essay form. You will examine methodological and theoretical issues, the literature and previous research, as well as peer review a fellow student's essay.