What's included?

Development and growth, inequality, trade policies and the role of farming

During this course, you will combine knowledge from specific fields of economics, such as trade theory, growth models and basic microeconomics, in order to examine issues related to developing countries. This entails investigating the relationships between growth and development, between inequality and development, and that between malnutrition and development. You will examine the interaction between rural and urban areas, as well as the role of farming in poor countries. The course concludes with a discussion about trade and development and the impact from trade policies. You will learn to use economic theory to analyse the obstacles and opportunities confronted by a developing country and to assimilate insights about the importance of economics in the process of social development, as well as the responsibility associated with the use of economic tools.

Course design

This is a lecture-based course, though some individual work or group work may also be required. Assessment is by written examination.