What's included?

Learn to analyse English grammar, literature and language’s relation to power

This intermediate level, 30-credit course has three compulsory modules. One of these focuses on grammar and is worth 6 credits. You will deepen and broaden your general understanding of grammar by focusing on English grammar, and learn to conduct contrastive analysis. You will comprehend grammatical patterns in speech and writing and be familiar with stylistic variation. Another compulsory 6-credit module is the one on British literature, which includes fundamental concepts in literary and cultural theory. You will study important works from the Renaissance to the modern period, with the aim of being able to locate each work within the history of English-language literature and culture. The third and final compulsory module is called Language and Power and is worth 9 credits. Here, you analyse how language use in different contexts can influence and be influenced by issues of power, as well as conducting linguistic analysis of the concept of power in relation to gender roles, ideologies and the media.

Depending on the semester, the available rotating 9-credit courses may include Postcolonial Literature and Culture, American Literature-Historical Perspectives, Multiethnic Literature and Culture or English Literature and Capitalism.

Course design

Teaching is conducted through lectures and seminars, and assessment takes the form of written examinations, take-home exams, written and oral assignments, as well as attendance at the lectures and seminars.