What's included?

Theory and analysis in the examination of multiculturalism and postcolonialism

This Master’s programme examines the way that questions relating to power, language, identity, nationality, history and modernity take shape in the literature, art and film produced in the British Commonwealth, both before and after the fall of the British Empire. You will also study multicultural encounters, particularly in North America, and relate questions of multiculturalism to postcolonialism. You will study postcolonial, multicultural and other modern critical cultural theories in order deepen your understanding of the texts you encounter, helping you become familiar with such theories and develop your interpretative skills.

Semester 1

English Literature I

Semester 2

English Literature II

Course design

The first semester includes a comprehensive theory course, a course in academic writing, and courses in postcolonial and multicultural encounters. This semester is designed to improve your knowledge of academic discourse in English and provide a foundation for writing your dissertation. The second semester then starts with a special topic tutorial that you design together with your supervisor, the purpose of which is to develop the research question for your Master’s dissertation.