Why this programme?

A multidisciplinary approach to issues surrounding the environment and sustainability

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable development, policy, communication, risk, international health, and ecosystem management? Or in evaluating the potential impact of environmental research on societal values such as democracy, sustainable development and gender equality? This Master’s programme offers you the opportunity to specialise in environmentally related communication and politics, ecosystem management, or the control of infectious diseases. It focuses on helping you develop a multidisciplinary knowledge base, analytical skills and to ability to use theoretical approaches to major environmental issues.

The broad scope of this programme, on which issues related to the environment, communication, politics and health are studied in a holistic way, is a good preparation for subsequent employment or for further research. It also offers you the opportunity to identify and reflect on your own knowledge and attitudes in relation to different theories and ideas in the environmental sciences, generating both personal and academic development.

I was looking for environmental programmes in Stockholm, and found the Master’s degree at Södertörn. I liked the format and it felt like a really good programme, so I applied – I have never regretted it. My studies have given me a much greater understanding of how complicated it is to create a viable transition, the difficulties of getting different parties to cooperate and how convoluted bringing about societal change can be. It has been incredibly useful.

Emma Paulin Ström

Emma Paulin Ström

Alumni – Master's in Environmental Science, specialising in Environment, Communication and Politics