Turismmanagement, 7.5 högskolepoäng

Giltig fr.o.m.: HT2021
Giltig t.o.m.:
Beslutsdatum: 2021-05-17
Beslutad av: Ämnesrådet för Turismvetenskap

Course literature:

Cooper, Chris. (2012). Essentials of Tourism. Financial Times Press. ISBN-10:027372438X, ISBN-13: 9780273724384

Ryan, Chris (2020). Advanced introduction to Tourism Destination Management. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781839103919

Wall, G. & Mathieson, A. (2006). Tourism. Change, Impacts and Opportunities. Pearson Education Limited. ISBN 978-0-130-999400-4

Additional articles, reports and case material, which will be introduced at the introductory lecture and/or the first seminar.

Reference literature:

Page S. (last edition). Tourism management. Elsevier Ltd.  

Ritchie, J. R. Brent. & Crouch, Geoffrey. I. (2003). The Competitive Destination. A Sustainable Tourism Perspective. CABI. ISBN 0-85199-664-7