Introduktionskurs i akademiskt skrivande på engelska, 15 högskolepoäng

Giltig fr.o.m.: HT2021
Giltig t.o.m.:
Beslutsdatum: 2021-04-28
Beslutad av: Ämnesrådet i Engelska

●     Bailey, S. 2017. Academic Writing. A Handbook for International Students. Fifth edition. London: Routledge. (320 pages)

●     Paterson, K. & Wedge, R. 2013. Oxford Grammar for EAP. Oxford University Press. (288 pages)

●     Malmström, H., Pecorari, D. and Shaw, P. (2018). Words for what? Contrasting university students’ receptive and productive academic vocabulary needs. English for Specific Purposes, 50, pp.28-39.

●     Graff, Gerald and Cathy Birkenstein. They Say, I Say. Norton, 2018. (327 pages)

Reference literature:

●     de Chazal, E., McCarter, S., 2012. Oxford EAP Upper-Intermediate/B2 Student’s book. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Additional materials will be provided by the teacher. (ca 100 pages)