English translation of course syllabus

Translation of the Swedish course syllabus

GIS: I, 15 credits

(GIS: I, 15 högskolepoäng)

Course code 1055GE
Subject area Earth Science and Physical Geography
Main field of study Geography
Progressive specialisation G1N (First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements)
Academic school School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies
Disciplary domain Natural sciences 100%
Grading scale AF
Education cycle First-cycle (Bachelor)
Course level A
Language of instruction English
Valid from Spring semester 2021


This course syllabus was validated by the Faculty Board for the Faculty Board for Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies at Södertörn University on 2020-10-21 according to the stipulations in the Higher Education Ordinance.

Entry requirements

General entry requirements and the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 (Specific entry requirements 2/A2, exemption provided for Modern languages 3), or equivalent.

Learning outcomes

On completing the course, the student can:

  • Describe basic concepts and thories in geographical data usage.
  • Define and identify geographical data that can be used in geographical information systems (GIS).
  • Collect, process, analyse and present geographical data in a GIS.
  • Independently create, analyse and apply GIS in a separate project.

Course content, modules and examinations

This course is an introduction to geographical information systems (GIS). The course focuses on how GIS is used in mapping, planning and analyses, such as urban planning or the consequences of future climate scenarios.

The course introduces the theoretical foundations of GIS, as well as how GIS can be applied in a range of fields. Practical skills are trained in a number of applied exercises with different types of data and different kinds of analyses. In an independent project, the students learn to use GIS on their own, for data processing, visualisation and analysis.

1001, GIS: I, Exercises, 10 credits
(GIS: I, övningar, 10 högskolepoäng)
Grades permitted: AF

1002, GIS: I, Project, 5 credits
(GIS: I, projektarbete, 5 högskolepoäng)
Grades permitted: AF

Course design

If the course is a distance course: all teaching is in English in the form of written instructions and demonstrations, as well as video lectures.

If the course is taught on campus: all teaching is in English in the form of written instructions and demonstrations, as well as seminars, lectures and video lectures..

Examination format

1001 GIS: I, exercises, 10 credits

  • Completed exercises with individual written reports


1002 GIS: I, Project, 5 credits

  • Individual written report

All examinations may be written in English or Swedish.

The grading criteria are distributed prior to the start of a course or module.

If a student has a certificate from Södertörn University for compensatory support, the examiner has the right to decide on an adapted examination or alternative form of examination in accordance with Södertörn University's regulations.

Restrictions on accreditation

The course may not be accredited as part of a degree if the contents are partly or wholly the same as a course previously taken in Sweden or elsewhere.