Course: Sweden on Stage: Contemporary Drama and Performance - SH-42135 - 7.5 credits

Welcome to the course Sweden on Stage!

The class will start i November, as you can see in the timetable below. If you have decided to take the course, we suggest that you register already in August (the 15:th at the earliest).

Web register 2019-08-15 – 2019-10-31

Before you can register via the web, you will need an SH-Account – this is what you use to log in. After you receive your final admission decision, the university will send you an email with information about how to create an SH-Account. Once you have received your SH-Account you can register via the internet.

  • Click on the link to web registration (Student-Ladok) The page is in Swedish the first time you log in.
  • Click on Select higher education to login and search for Södertörn University. (In Swedish: Välj lärosäte för inloggning)
  • Click on Proceed to Login and enter your SH-Account.
  • Change the language to English in the top right of the page, where it says In English.
  • Courses you have accepted on are listed below UPCOMING.
  • If web registration is possible, you will see a link to Register. The registration button is only available during the registration period. If the registration period is not open the date registration opens will be shown.
  • Click on the registration button for the course you want to register on, then click on Register me.
  • You are now registered and can see your course below CURRENT.

Other information

If you are admitted to the course you will get an email with further information well before the course start 8 November.

If you are no longer interested in taking the course, please login to and use the declining function on My pages. If you have already registered for the course you must contact the university - just send an email to

When you don't find the answer to your questions on this website, you are welcome to send an email to