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Graphic element for the subject of PsychologyPsychology gives you a better understaning of human complexity and development potential.

Psychology aims at understaning how people think, feel and act in different situations. At Södertörn University we focus on processes that improves and balance people. The main areas of Psychology are the base for our courses (Social psychology, Developmental psychology, Personality psychology and Cognitive psychology) but we also broaden our corriculum with interculturalism, creativity and the modern work environment. Our courses gives skills that are applicable for many professions and circumstances where people interact and develop. 

About the subject

Originally psychology studied the human soul. The word psychology comes from the Greek ‘psyche’ which means ‘breathe, spirit, self' and ‘logia’ which means ‘maxim or general truth’. Psychology as a science tries to understand how and why people think, feel and act in different ways. The subject is broad and encompasses several levels of analysis. For example, neurological, cognitive, social, and cultural approaches are used to create an understanding of human thought and behavior. These perspectives are represented as sub-disciplines within psychology, for example, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and work and organizational psychology, each sub-discipline trying to understand humans on the basis of its specific perspective.

Psychological research is empirically driven, which means that knowledge is constructed by examining how people actually think and behave. Methods used for this purpose include experiments, interviews, observations, and questionnaires. Psychology relies on qualitative methods or (more often) quantitative methods and statistics.

Interested in studying psychology?

Swedish universities that teach psychology typically orient their courses toward students who are interested in people and who want to deepen their understanding of how humans function. Psychological knowledge can be used in most situations where people act and interact. Students often choose psychology as part of a bachelor's degree with a supplementary topic besides psychology that could be anything from economics to ecology. Other students take psychology as part of their professional training as human resources specialists or as teachers, making psychology an important part in their future profession. Finally, some students aspire to become researchers and reads psychology as part of a master's degree in psychology.

Psychology at Södertörn University

The psychology subject at Södertörn University emphasizes the factors and processes that contribute to your understanding of yourself and other people's behavior. We focus on providing you with tools so that you may understand and examine human behavior on your own. During the first semester we introduce the science of psychology and deepen your knowledge in Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. During the second semester, you would encounter Intercultural psychology, Aesthetic psychology, and Work and Organizational psychology. In the last course of the semester, you would write an essay on a specific psychological subject. During the third semester you would enhance your own skills in examining psychological problems, and during the second half of the semester you would write an undergraduate thesis after having designed a study, collected data, analyzed and written a scientific report. The thesis subject could either be chosen by you or be part of an existing research project. Like the majority of Swedish university courses in psychology, the course literature is mainly written in English.



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