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Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree in a social sciences or humanities subject or the equivalent, plus English B or equivalent.

Selection: On the basis of previous university credits. Between 30 and 285 credits may be taken into account.

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  • Application AS19 week 36-03, fulltime100%, day. Application code: SH-43884

International Master's Programme in Journalism (INT)

Programme 60 credits

The International master’s programme provides a global perspective on journalism, investigating the role of journalism in different media systems and social and cultural contexts. Key areas in the program are journalism cultures, press freedom, mediatised international conflicts and war coverage.

This programme has an earlier application period and is aimed at applicants who are non-EEA nationals. Application and tuition fees have been introduced for students with citizenship in countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Please consult www.sh.se/fees to find out more about application and tuition fees.

Programme content

The Master’s programme in Journalism is devoted to the multidisciplinary study and practice of journalism from a global perspective, gathering students with a background in the social sciences as well as the humanities. Students will learn more about central changes in the global media ecology and the critical implications they have for professional journalism. The first semester starts with a course in “Comparative Journalism Studies”, which deals with media systems, journalistic cultures (values, ideals and practices) and press freedom in different parts of the world. The second course is “Journalism and International Conflicts”, which focuses on the role of journalism in mediatised conflicts, specifically regarding information warfare and propaganda.

The second semester focuses on an individual Master’s project which can be written either as an autonomous academic investigation of a particular subject, or as an investigative journalistic project combined with a scientific research report. The first courses include research design and research methods which is followed by the completion of the Master’s project.

The Master's programme provides the student with deeper knowledge of journalism from a global perspective and consists of full-time studies over two semesters (20 weeks each). During the year, students can also participate in research seminars in Journalism and, in some cases, in ongoing media research projects at the Journalism department.


Degree of Master of Arts (60 credits) in Journalism

After the programme

The Master’s programme in Journalism studies provides the student with the necessary knowledge and critical skills for working in an international setting. It also provides the necessary formal qualification for admission to doctoral studies.

Syllabus valid from autumn semester 2017

Semester overview

Year 1Semester 1Semester 2
Comparative Journalism Studies 15 credits, Journalism and International Conflicts, 15 creditsMaster’s Project in Journalism, 30 credits

Each semester covers 30 credits. Contents and order are subject to change. The above information and syllabus are based on the most recently validated decision. Any previous versions are available here.

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