Martin Dahl

Martin Dahl

Associate Professor

Associate Senior Lecturer

I am Associate lecturer in Environmental Sciences. My main research focus is on coastal Blue Carbon and functions and processes of the coastal environment as a natural carbon sink.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


My research education is in marine ecology and my main research focus is on coastal Blue Carbon and nutrient retention, seascape ecology, human-induced impacts on coastal ecosystems and paleo-ecology. I have mainly been working in seagrass meadows but also other coastal environments, such as mangroves and much of my research have been conducted in the Western Indian Ocean and in the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak along the Swedish coast. Most of my research has been related to the Blue Carbon research field and assessing the role and function of seagrass meadows as natural carbon sinks, as well as the impact from human activities causing degradation of seagrass meadows and loss of carbon storage.

Ongoing projects

Unravelling the relative influence of climate and land-use change on nitrogen retention in Baltic Sea coastal sediments over the last 300 years External link, opens in new window.

A new project financed by the Baltic Sea Foundation will launch in early 2022 where we will use various paleo-proxies to assess how land-use change and climate change have affected the nutrient retention of coastal habitats in the Baltic Sea during the last 300 years. The Baltic Sea is highly impacted by eutrophication and this project aim to increase the understanding of how human activities (resulting in land-use change and climate change) have affected the nitrogen uptake in the past. This information can be used not only for understanding the historical and present situation but also for making future predictions


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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.