War is redrawing the map of Baltic and East European research

In the shadow of the war, it is clear there is a desire to develop the area and to take a fresh look at past research.

Due to the war in Ukraine

Compiled information due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


27 Mar

Women, Violence and Socialist Economies: A Critical Lens

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Miglena S. Todorova, Associate Professor in Social Justice Education, University of Toronto, Canada

28 Mar

The Drawbridge Model of Cryptography: Situating the Inventive Use of Communication Failure

Higher Seminar in Media and Communication Studies with Charles Berret, Linköping University

28 Mar

Higher seminar: Why Mary Wollstonecraft Belongs in Literature Departments

Welcome to this higher seminar for English and Comparative Literature on February 23, 14.30-16, in PA 238. Our speaker will be Emma Clery, Professor of English Literature, Uppsala University.

29 Mar

Online launch of the CBEES Annual State of the Region Report 2022

Welcome to the online launch of the CBEES State of the Region Report 2022 - Ecological Concerns in Transition: A Comparative Study on Responses to Waste and Environmental Destruction in the Region .

29 Mar

Swedish Accession to NATO: The Shifting Geopolitics of the Baltic Sea Region

Welcome to a panel discussion where experts from Södertörn University, The Swedish Defence University, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) and Swedish Defence Research Agency talk about Swedens application to join Nato and the shiftning geopolitics in the Baltic Sea region.

17 Apr

Soviet Environmentalism and Enviro-Technical Systems: Thinking with an Unbuilt Nuclear Power Plant

CBEES Environmental Humanities Seminar (Envhumseminar) with Kati Lindström, Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

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