Sweden seen through the eyes of the US – changing perceptions?

A new report investigates how the Swedish policy of neutrality and global events have affected the perception of Sweden in the US.

Due to the war in Ukraine

Compiled information due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


20 May

Transitional Justice in the Midst of War

Is it possible to establish the foundations for peace while war rages? This is a pressing question to ask about the ongoing aggression against Ukraine. The conference explores the role of transitional justice in addressing the consequences of war - in the midst of war.

20 May

Probing the Nexus of the Nation-State and Democracy in the Baltic

CBEES Advanced Seminar “Probing the Nexus of the Nation-State and Democracy in the Baltic: Kurt Stavenhagen’s Political Phenomenology in Context” with Eva Piirimäe, Professor of Political Theory, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu

21 May

Creating and Resisting the Data Centre Industry.

Higher Seminar in Media and Communication studies with Photini Vrikki, University College London

23 May
24 May

Citizens and the State During and After Crises: The Dynamic of Institutions, Attitudes and Behaviors

This conference aims to gather papers that address the relationship of citizens with the state in established or new democracies, transition countries and hybrid regimes from a variety of viewpoints, including the recent crisis of COVID-19 and Russia's war on Ukraine.

27 May
28 May

Ideology in the Service of Empire

The Intellectual Foundations of Putinism The workshop aims to re-examine the question of the ideational foundations of Putinism, contributing to a critical reconstruction of the regime's intellectual genealogy.

27 May

Nativism, Avant-garde, Decolonisation

CBEES Advanced Seminar “Nativism, Avant-garde, Decolonisation: Towards the vernacular aesthetics of early-Soviet Georgian cinema” with Dušan Radunović, Associate Professor in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University

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