Recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic

We have gathered all the recommendations for students at Södertörn University for autumn 2021.

Södertörn University is 25 years young!

We admitted our first students in August 1996 - join us for our 25th anniversary celebrations!


20 Sep

Great powers and small states – Rudolf Kjellén´s Baltic geopolitical visions and the role of democracy

Interested in geopolitics in both retrospect and contemporary application? CBEES and the Institute of Contemporary History would like to invite you to an event where we will discuss and present Rudolf Kjellén (1864-1922), the inventor of the concept of geopolitics.

21 Sep

1991-2021: Thirty Years After – Urban Space in Transition after the Collapse of the USSR

Join another roundtable from the whole year series USSR30! This time with focus on the urban spaces of the former Soviet cities as affected by the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

18 Oct


Why do we see such variation in how parties select leaders? Who in the party organisations is favoured or disfavoured by different selection methods? Are some procedures more "democratic" than others?

28 Oct

Higher Seminar in Journalism. Journalistic autonomy

Journalistic autonomy: the genealogy of a concept Professor Henrik Örnebring (Karlstad University)

09 Nov

From Databases and Websites to Bots and Algorithms

A Discussion on Digital Media in The Grassroots Fight Against Corruption Across the World. Higher Seminar in Media and Communication Studies with Alice Mattoni, University of Bologna

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