Recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic

We have gathered all the recommendations for students at Södertörn University for autumn 2020.

Risk of unexplored wrecks becoming environmental hazards

Unexplored, these wrecks also risk being used as pawns in a political game.


15 Jun

Public defence with Igné Stalmokaité

Igné Stalmokaité defends her thesis “New Tides in Shipping: Studying incumbent firms in maritime energy transitions"

16 Jun

Constituents of Solidarity: Between Ethics and Politics

Explore with us a multidisciplinary analysis of the phenomenon of solidarity and clarify how it inspires collective endeavour in different social-political contexts.

17 Jun
18 Jun

Modern Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes and the Threat to Academic Freedom

Join the webinar on the academic freedom and the independence of universities in producing knowledge in most authoritarian or hybrid post-Soviet countries (Russia, Belarus, and the Central Asian states), Turkey, China, Iran, and self-designated illiberal countries.

26 Aug

Art, Gender and Protest

Join the roundtable of the whole year series " 1991-2021: Thirty Years After" !

04 Oct
05 Oct

Towards the Decolonization of Nordic Higher Education

An Interdisciplinary workshop organized by GEST – Gender Equality Studies and Traiuning Programme at the University of Iceland, and by Södertörn University with support of ReNew

25 Nov
26 Nov

CBEES Annual Conference 2021 - With and After Empire: Enduring Pasts Across the Local and the Global

The call for applications is open until 1 August! You are welcome to send in your papers!

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