Staffan Nilsson

Staffan Nilsson


Senior Lecturer

I am lecturer and researcher in religious education and ethics. My man intressed is in virtue ethics.

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Historical and Contemporary Studies


I have worked as Senior Lecturer at Södertörn's Department for the Study of Religions and at the Södertörn's Teachers' College since 2005, when I received my ThD in Ethics from Uppsala University. I teach mainly Ethics and courses concerning views of life, theories of religion and religious education in general. My main research interests lies within the field of ethics. I have for example studied ethics in relation to different modern conceptions of the self and reality. I am also interested in the relation between ethics and moral or value education. In terms of normative ethics I have a special interest in virtue ethics, and forms of ethics that gives primacy to questions about the good, rather than questions about right or wrong action.

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