Alessandra Giolo

Alessandra Giolo

Doctoral Student

PhD candidate in Environmental Science. Addressing global environmental challenges by an interdisciplinary approach. M.Sc. in Environmental Science M.Sc. in Economic History

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I am a dedicated researcher committed to addressing critical environmental challenges through an interdisciplinary approach. My proposed PhD project will center on the Nexus Approach, an innovative framework that investigates the inerconnectedness of resource systems, and the governance mechanisms required to sustainably manage these sectors. The current focus of the case studies is in the Baltic Region, in particular Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, in addition to the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland.

My PhD research will contribute to the ongoing efforts to address pressing global enviornmental and social issues by providing a deeper understanding of the system thinking and effective resource governance. Through rigorous analysis, innovative strategies and interdisciplinary collaboration, I hope to make meaningful contributions to sustainable envrionmental management.

I am eager to collaborate with experts in fields such as policy, economic, environmental and social science to foster an holistic approach of the Nexus and effective resource governance.

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.