Amelie Björck

Amelie Björck

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

I teach in Dramatext och teater, creative writing and animal studies. My latest monograph is Zooësis. Kulturella gestaltningar av lantbruksdjurens tid och liv.

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Culture and Education


Amelie Björck is ph.d. and senior lecturer in Comparative Literature with drama orientation. Her research interests include animal studies and intersectional perspectives on modern and contemporary literature and drama. She has finished a post doc project on the relations between apes and humans in Western literature after Darwin. Her upcoming book, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, deals with farmed animals and aspects of temporality and ethics in contemporary literature, film and theatre: Zooësis. Om kulturella gestaltningar av lantbruksdjurens tid och liv (2019; The book will be translated into English as Zooësis. The lives and times of farmed animals in the arts). Amelie is a member of Ratatosk Research Group at Södertörns högskola and connected to the HumAnimal Group at Uppsala univeristy. She writes theatre reviews for Aftonbladet.

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