Anders Nordström

Anders Nordström

Senior Lecturer

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Police Education


Anders Nordström has a Ph.D. in political science and is post doctoral researcher at CBEES since 2010. His main specialisation is European politics, transnational regulation and international organisations monitoring of states with a focus on the Council of Europe and the Eastern Enlargement of this organisation. In his ongoing research project the Council of Europe's monitoring of new members as a form of cosmopolitan politics. In the project the monitoring processes of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan is compared. Anders Nordström views the drawn out monitoring processes as the creation of a sustained form of critical dialouge on what "European values" means in specific cases. The monitoring brings together a number of independent monitoring processes and actors to a continuous and open creation of soft regulation concerning how states in Europe ought to act in relation to their residents. He suggests that this is an example of cosmopolitan politics in the sense that European and national regulative processes are intertwined and interacts with each other in a quasi-legal space that is both national and European.


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