Ann-Sofie Lönngren

Ann-Sofie Lönngren


Head of Department

Full professor in literature with an interest in Northern European literture after 1880, queer theory and literary animal studies.

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Culture and Education


I am a full professor in literature and I work as a senior lecturer at Södertörn university since 2018. Between 2005–2018, I have taught, tutored and supervised on all levels in literature, rhetorics, gender studies, and the didactic program for school-teachers. I am affiliated with the transdisciplinary "Humanimal research group" at the Center for Gender Research at Uppsala University since 2010, and in 2014, I became an associate member of "New Zealand center for human-animal studies". In literature at Södertörn University I participated in the establishment of the "Ratatǫskr Research Group for Literary Animal Studies".

My research interests include northern-European literature after 1880, animal studies, interdisciplinarity, queer theory, transgender studies, education and intersectionality. Some of these perspectives are employed in my most recent book, Following the Animal. Power, Agency, and Human-Animal Transformations in Modern, Northern-European Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).

I have largely focused my studies on Swedish-turn-of-the-twentieth-century author August Strindberg, but I have also written about a range of other northern-European writers such as Danish Karen Blixen, Charlotte Weitze and Charlotte Inuk; Finnish-Estonian Aino Kallas; Finnish-Swedish Monica Fagerholm; Icelandic author Sjón and Swedish authors Selma Lagerlöf, P.O. Enqvist, Birgitta Trotzig and John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Post Ph.D. my research has been funded by Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten (The Disciplinary Domain of the Humanities and Social Sciences) and Hugo Valentin Center at Uppsala university; The Pufendorf Collegium for Advanced Studies, Lund University; Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish National Research Council); Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation (Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs minnesfond); Kungliga humanistiska vetenskapssamfundet (The Royal Society for the Humanities) and Södermalms arbetareinstitut (Södermalm’s workers institute).

Apart from two monographies I have also published numerous articles, essays and reviews, in Swedish and English, in research journals such as NORA: Nordic journal for feminist and gender research; Contagion: Journal of Culture, Mimesis, and Violence; Literature and medicine; and lambda nordica: nordic journal of lgbtq-studies. Moreover, I have edited several peer-reviewed anthologies and journal issues, in both English and Swedish. In 2011-2018, I was the book editor for lambda nordica.

Recently published peer-reviewed texts include:

2020: “Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Queer Reading Strategies, Swedish Literature, and Historical (In)visibility”, med Jenny Björklund, Scandinavian studies 92 (2), 196–228 ( External link.)

2018: “Following the Animal. Place, Space, and Literature,” Animal Places. Lively Cartographies of Human-Animal Relations, eds. Bull, J., Holmberg, T., Åsberg, C. (London: Routledge), 231–247

2016: “Oppression and Liberation. Traditional Nordic Literary Themes of Female Human-Animal Transformations in Monika Fagerholm’s Early Work,” Novel Districts. Critical Readings of the Works of Monika Fagerholm, eds. Kristina Malmio and Mia Österberg (Helsinki: Finnish literature society, SKS, Studia Fennica Litteraria 9), 119–132

2015: Following the Animal. Power, Agency, and Human-Animal Transformations in Modern, Northern European Literature (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), 213 p.

2015: “Trolls – Folklore, Literature and ‘Othering’ in the Nordic Countries,” Rethinking National Literatures and the Literary Canon in Scandinavia, eds. Ann-Sofie Lönngren, Dag Heede, Anne Heith and Heidi Grönstrand (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing), 205–230

2015: “The Pre-modern Strindberg. Sex, Gender, Sexuality,” TijdSchrift voor Skandinavistiek 1, 7–18

2015: “Autism and the Question of the Human,” Literature and Medicine, with Jenny Bergenmar and Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, 1, 202–221

2014: “Swelling, Leaking, Merging – a material feminist reading of Strindberg’s A Madman’s Manifesto,” NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research 1, 4–19


For more information about me, please download the combined CV and List of Publications on, where you can also download most of my work.

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