Annika Öhrner

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

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Culture and Education


Annika Öhrner is Assoclate Professor in Art History, and a faculty member of Södertörn University since 2013.

My research interests include the early artistic avant-garde, and the art and the art field during the decades after the Second World War, with focus on transnational cultural transfer within Europe and between Europe and the US. Other interests are public art, the archive, and a historiographical critique of the positions of female artists and their art in main stream art history and the art field.

My dissertation: Barbro Östlihn and New York. Arts Space and possibilities (Published in Swedish by Makadam) was defended at Uppsala University in 2010. A scholarly project at the National Library of Sweden concerning the archive of the Swedish artist Siri Derkert (1888-1973) followed, and resulted in the anthology To think and act differently. Siri Derkert and the 20th Century, (ed. M. Rohdin & A. Öhrner), Stockholm: National Library of Sweden, 2011, in Swedish. It was produced in tandem with a research based curatorial work for Moderna Museet, which the aim of constructing an extensive retrospective of the artist’s work and a catalogue (2011). The discipline Art History in Stockholm and Lund was analysed within the frames of a project on the effects of the Student uproar in 1968, on the fields of the Academy and the Culture, in the Research Group SEC, Uppsala University, led by Donald Broady, (Öhrner 2012).

I take part in (and have occasionally initiated) art historical research networks, as for example one that took departure in the symposium The European Artistic avant-garde c1910-30: formations, networks and trans-national strategies at Södertörn University in September 2013. A research anthology, Art in transfer in the Era of Pop. Curatorial Practices and Transnational Strategies in the Era of Pop. Södertörn Studies in Art History and Aesthetic, 2017, presents international research taking departure in theories of horizonal art history and transnational cultural transfer during the 1960s, was rewarded the Terra Foundation for American Art International Publication Grant Author Award 2016.

Since 2016 I work within the project Art, culture, conflict: transformations of museums and memory culture in the Baltic Sea region after 1989 (The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies, until 2018), teamed with Dan Karlholm (project leader) and Johan Hegardt (see presentation to the right on this page). My study in the project regard the contemporary art exhibition that travelled abroad from the different nation, their artistic content and ideas of the present past that contained these manifestations. I also continue to research aspects of the early European avant-garde as well as issues on public space and art, which I am publishing in articles.

In connection with a rearrangement of the state art collection at the Södertörn University Campus at the 20-year jubilee of the University, I edited the book Art at Södertörn University, 2016. I have an earlier background as a curator for modernist and contemporary art, and was Head of Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg University, 1996-2001.

I am a Board Member of Thielska Galleriet and Chair of the Association Handarbetets Vänner (Friends of Handicraft). I have been an associate Editor for Konsthistorisk tidskrift- Journal of Art History in 2010-2015, and a Board Member and vice chair of the Public Art Agency in Sweden, during 1993-1999.

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