Arash Kordestani

Arash Kordestani

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Researches and teaches in logistics, supply chain, blockchain, machine learning, circular economy, public procurement.

+46 8 608 42 94 +4686084294

Social Sciences


Research on digitalization and sustainable supply chains

Arash Kordestani is assistant professor of Logistics and does research in Business Administration field. In recent years, his main research themes have been shaped around machine learning, circular economy, sustainable supply chains, and public procurement.

He is currently involved in three research and applied projects. The first project is about improving forecasting methods with the aid of machine learning in the fast-moving consumer goods. In the second project he develops a framework for return logistics system in order to increase circular use of flat glass in the construction sector. Arash participates in the XPRESS which is a Horizon 2020 project to promote environmentally friendly public procurement in the energy sector together with 15 other European countries. The project aims to promote innovation and integration of renewable energies for municipalities and companies.

He has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency, European Regional Fund (ERDF), the Trade Development Council, Handelsbanken's research foundations, European Union Horizon 2020, and Swedish innovation agency.

In addition to scientific articles, he has published an open access book for education in circular economics for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, and a book chapter on corporate communication of CS

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.