Björn Hassler

Björn Hassler

Associate Professor


Researcher and senior lecturer in environmental policy, climate politics and sustainability,

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

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Title and position
Professor in Environmental Science

My primary research interest concerns Environmental collaboration at the state level in the Baltic Sea region. However, at present I am mostly working on climate politics, more precisely on how rationality and psychological mechanisms interact and influence how we deal with climate change. Although I assume that most people behave rationally most of the time, psychological mechanisms must be included as well, to understand how rationality plays out in real life.
It is my firm belief that scientific knowledge and political engagement must be separated, to make sure that measures taken are cost-effective and balanced.

Environmental policy and related areas on undergraduate (Environment and Development program), master (Environment, Sustainability and Global development programme) and PhD (various courses) levels.
Supervision at all levels, including PhD students.

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