Carina Guyard

Carina Guyard


Senior Lecturer

I am working as a lecturer in Media and Communication Studies. Currently, my research interest is directed to how the field of neuroeducation deals with effects of digital media.

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Culture and Education


I have been working as a teacher in media and communication studies since 2005. In 2014 I defended my thesis, Communication work at a distance. The aim of the thesis was to analyze how the communication work at a Swedish call centre outsourced to Latvia was organized and experienced, using ethnographic inspired methods.

My research interest involve media and communication work especially in relation to increased digitalization. In digitally-suffused work environments the volume of email, multitasking, and information overload has contributed to increased stress levels and distractions among employees. In my research I investigate digital distraction management programs based on teaching employees a better way to use digital media at work to regain focus and improve efficiency. The programs include forms of individually restricting and reorganizing the usage of digital technology. Employees are taught how to use technologies in a smart way and in that way cope with the challenging work environment. The approaches are, hence, expressing a distinct understanding of digital media and their role in society. The aim of my research is to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to work in a corporate culture that is increasingly dominated by digital technologies. By doing this I also evaluate the long-term effects of the suggestions to solve problems related to digital distractions at work

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.