Elin Gardeström

Elin Gardeström

Senior Lecturer

I am a senior Lecturer in Journalism, at the School of Sociala Sciences.

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Social Sciences


In 2011 i completed my dissertation, Training journalists. The development of journalism education in Sweden, 1944-1970. My thesis analyses the interaction between various interests in Swedish society when the existing apprenticeship system for the journalism profession was to be replaced by a formal journalism education programme. My thesis was produced within the subject History of ideas, which exists mainly in Scandinavia. History of ideas is the study of human beliefs; religion, philosophy, science, ideologies, utopies or just stray strange ideas that one person or a group of people had. We study why and how people got those notions and conceptions of the world and how and why the ways of thinking changed.

An English summary of Training journalists. The development of journalism education in Sweden, 1944-1970 External link.

I have had a research grant (post doc) between 2014-2017 studying the history of advertisement in Sweden during the 1930s. From the perspective of conceptual history I have investigated the use of "reklam" (advertisement) in relation to other concepts of persuasion: propaganda, agitation, information and "upplysning" (enlightment).

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