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Elisabet Langmann

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Elisabet Langmann is Senior Lecturer in Education. Placing educational practice and social justice at the center of her work, her research is situated within the field of the theory and philosophy of education and is informed primarily by contemporary continental philosophy and feminist theory. Her PhD thesis titled A Pedagogy of Tolerance centers on what it means to become a tolerating subject in and through education.

Langmann is currently member of the research project Lived Values: A Pedagogical-Philosophical Groundwork of the Value Basis in Swedish Schools financed by the Swedish Research Counsel (2015-2019).The overall aim of this project is to seek out an affirmative language for the fostering task of schools for the field of values education. She is also conducting the Swedish strand of The Enquiring Classroom, a Strategic Partnership Program funded by the Council of Europe (ERASMUS +). The purpose of this project is to develop educational tools for teachers and students in Europe working with values and ethics drawing on philosophical and arts based methodologies. During 2017-2021 Langmann is part of the international research network Public Pedagogy and Sustainability Challenges financed by the Research Foundation Flanders. The aim of the network is to deepen and widen our understanding of the public role of education in the face of sustainability challenges, nourish and facilitate further theoretical and empirical research and foster interdisciplinary collaboration of political theorists, educational theorists and sustainability education researchers.

Langmann is currently president of the Nordic Society of Philosophy of Education, member of the Editorial Board of Utbildnign & Demokrati (Education & Democracy), and has been reviewer for academic journals such as Studies in Philosophy and Education; Journal of Curriculum Studies; Journal of Philosophy of Education; Globalisation, Societies and Education; Gender and Education, and Nordic Studies in Education; Democracy & Education.

Langmann teaches university courses for students in education and teacher education on a variety of arias.



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