Fred Saunders

Fred Saunders

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

+46 8 608 49 66 +4686084966

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I work with the sustainability politics of international development, conservation, environmental planning and management and natural resource management and use. Currently, this includes research projects on: transdisciplinary methodologies involving small-scale fisheries and mining in Chile; social sustainability in marine spatial planning in the Baltic Sea Region; developing transdisciplinary approaches to marine resource conflict transformation.

Recent Publications:

Tafon, R., Glavovic, B., Saunders F. & M. Gilek 2021. Oceans
of Conflict: Pathways to an Ocean Sustainability PACT, Planning Practice & Research, DOI: 10.1080/02697459.2021.1918880

Saunders, F., Gilek, M., Ikauniece, A., Tafon, R. V., Gee, K. & Zaucha, J. 2020. Theorizing Social Sustainability and Justice in Marine Spatial Planning: Democracy, Diversity, and Equity. Sustainability 12(6).

Tafon R. and Saunders F. 2019. The Politics of Land Grabbing: State and corporate power and the (trans)nationalization of resistance in Cameroon. Journal of Agrarian Change 19(1) 41.

Saunders, F., Gilek, M., Day, J., Hassler, B., McCann, J., and T. Smythe 2019. Examining the role of integration in MSP: towards an analytical framework to understand challenges in diverse MSP settings Ocean & Coastal Management 169: 1-9

Gallardo, G. and Saunders, F. 2018. Before we asked for permission, now we only give notice’. New gender relations in fisheries: women’s entrance into small-scale artisanal fisheries in Chile. Maritime Studies 17:110.

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