Fredrik Stiernstedt

Fredrik Stiernstedt


Head of Department

I am Head of Department and Professor in Media and Communication Studies. My main reserach interests concerns media production, media work and media and media trust.

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Culture and Education


My research revolves around three broad themes, which are explored from a critical, media sociological and historical perspective: media and work; media policy and welfare and media and class.

In my thesis (2013) I studied work and production in a Swedish media company, and how these were transformed in relation to the digitization of production. In a later research project, I deepened my interest in the working conditions in the media industry and focused in particular on various forms of unpaid and non-traditional work (interns, volunteers, etc.). In a project that ended in 2021, I explored the relationship between prisons and the media and I have among another investigated how the institutions contributed to the development of media technology and components for communication infrastructure, and how this work changed during the 20th century. Another research interest is the issue of media policy and regulation. I have studied these questions in relation to digitalization, platformization and file sharing, but also in relation to media research's own history and I have deepened the interest I already had in the thesis for Swedish media regulation through a study of the reform of local radio in the 1970s as well as regulation around advertising in media. In recent years, together with researchers from Uppsala University, I have taken an interest in the question of "media welfare" and the Nordic "media welfare state", both historically and today.

In matters of work as well as in matters of politics and regulation, there are power and conflict dimensions that include one of sociology's major themes: the question of social class. I have worked explicitly with this theme in the research project Klass på TV (2015–2018), funded by the Swedish Research Council. In the project, portrayals and representations of social class were studied in Swedish television, but also the production of Swedish television from a class perspective.

The interest in class and inequality is also behind the latest development of my research interests, where the question of trust (and mistrust) in relation to media and communication is at the center. In 2020 I worked in a project funded by Formas on the issue of trust in the media's reporting on Covid-19 and from 2022 I lead a project funded by the Swedish Research Council in which we explore media trust (or the lack of it) based on the concept of social imaginaries.

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