Johanna Johansson

Johanna Johansson

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor in Political Science and Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences. Research on pathways to a low carbon society, collaborative platforms and forest governance.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I hold a PhD in Political Science from Umeå University in Sweden. Since 2014, I have been working as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Sciences at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology, and Environmental Studies at Södertörn University. Additionally, I am an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

My research has included studies on the legitimacy, accountability, and environmental effectiveness of various policy instruments used to regulate the use of environmental resources, such as private market-based certification schemes and collaborative policy processes. My recent work mainly focuses on the effects of different forms of stakeholder participation, dialogue, and collaboration on the governance, utilization, and conservation of forests, considering both environmental and social aspects. I analyze how collaborative arenas are initiated, the motivations driving political decision-making (or the lack thereof), and the implementation of diverse goals and measures for land use.

Currently, a central aspect of my research is identifying which paths to sustainability and a “fossil-free future” are reflected in policy and forest management, and the extent to which actions align with the goals of the Paris Agreement. I also have a strong general research interest in crisis management, sustainability, and natural resource management at local, national, and international levels. My research is often interdisciplinary, involving collaboration with other researchers and disciplines both in Sweden and abroad. Additionally, I collaborate with various authorities and organizations within the scope of my research.

Recent peer-review publications

Johansson, J., 2024. What is at stake and what does it take? Collaborative governance and policy (in)action in the adoption of a National Forest Programme. Scandinavian Political Studies, 1–23.

Bjärstig, T., Johansson, J., Mancheva, I., & Sandström, C. 2024. Collaboration as a policy instrument in public administration: Evidence from forest policy and governance. Environmental Policy and Governance, 1–12.

Löfroth, T., Merinero, S., Johansson, J. et al. 2024. “Land-sparing benefits biodiversity while land-sharing benefits ecosystem services”: Stakeholders’ perspectives on biodiversity conservation strategies in boreal forests. Ambio, 53: 20-33.

Holmgren, S., Giurca, A., Johansson, J. et al. 2022. Whose transformation is this? Unpacking the ‘apparatus of capture’ in Sweden’s bioeconomy. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 42(2): 44-57.

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