Johanna Severinsson

Johanna Severinsson


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Teacher Education


I work as lecturer in Music for Leisure Home Teacher Students, Preschool Teacher Students and Teachers for the elementary school's junior year. Am a trained rhythm teacher with piano and vocals as my main instrument. During my professional life, I have mainly focused on the younger children's participation in music. Both as an educator, composer and methodology developer in music.

My area of interest is the impact music has on children's lives and future choices. What happens when cultural expressions are overridden and prioritized in the social fabric? What new ways can be used to reach cultural expressions and in what ways can it be made easier for teachers and by extension students to achieve the high goals set in the steering documents?

In an ongoing project (in collaboration with the concert hall in Stockholm), I intend to get an overview of what opportunities children and young people have to access music outside the school's activities. By extension, I would like to explore the extent to which a strong musical identity in previous years influences continued choices in life. What differences can be found in comparison to children who do not have the same musical opportunities? Can it be said that art and music have a significant impact on a freer way of thinking?

Another question I have explored is what creativity does to us as human beings and how it is possible to relate to the tension between what is doable within a course and the spontaneity and freedom needed to challenge already preconceived notions of what is music.

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