Julia Malitska

Julia Malitska



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Historical and Contemporary Studies


My current research interests have two overlapping directions. The first direction concerns imperial, post-/neo-imperial histories of Eastern Europe with a specific focus on Ukraine and the Northern Black Sea Steppe. The second – is about intertwined stories of science, (bio)politics, food and environment in the 19th and 20th century Europe.

In 2017, I defended a PhD thesis entitled "Negotiating Imperial Rule: Colonists and Marriage in the Nineteenth Century Black Sea Steppe."

My postdoc project "Vegetarianism in the Russian Empire: Ideas, Practices, Identities and Legacies, 1860s–1920s", ran from autumn 2019 to spring 2022 at CBEES, focused on the production and dissemination of ideas and practices of vegetarianism in time and space, between different activists and contexts. Among other things, it explored how vegetarian activism arose, the variety of ideas that guided actions, what alliances and conflicts arose among activists, and how these played out in practices.

My new project funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation (2022–2025) entitled "To Eat or Not to Eat?" Human Health, Scientific Knowledge, and the Biopolitics of Meat in Eastern Europe, 1860s–1939" examines the diversity of discourses on the health effects of dietary meat, in their origins, development, and subsequent convergence, in the Russian Empire and early Soviet Union from the 1860s to 1939. The study, among other things, analyses types of knowledge about the health effects of dietary meat, internal disputes about the issue in the field of nutrition and in its connection with animal health, veterinary science, the meat industry and pan-European knowledge development.

Since 2017, I have been short-term employed as a lecturer at the Institute of History and Contemporary Studies, where I have taught a number of courses in the subject of history, as well as supervised students in their thesis work.

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