Julia Malitska


Senior Lecturer

+46 8 608 46 88 +4686084688

Historical and Contemporary Studies


In 2017 I defended my doctoral dissertation under the title “Negotiating Imperial Rule: Colonists and Marriage in the Nineteenth-Century Black Sea Steppe,” which examined how the state-orchestrated marriage regime directed towards German colonists and the practices of different parties involved in it reflected, assured and negotiated Russian imperial politics in the Black Sea region during the 19th century. Since then, I have been employed as a senior lecturer at the Department of History and Contemporary Studies and taught a number of courses on different levels in the subject of history, as well as supervised students in their academic essay writing. From September 2019 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Baltic and Eastern European Studies. My postdoctoral project examines reform movements related to food and consumption in late Russian Empire and early Soviet Union.

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