Karin Winroth

Karin Winroth

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

My research focus on corporate culture, leadership in knowledge intensive firms, consumer culture, branding, social media, branding and digital entrepreneurship.

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Social Sciences


Keywords: Consumer culture, branding, digital entrepreneurship, organizational culture, leadership

Construction of identity has been a re-occuring theme in my research. This includes how cultural expressions of identity shape practice and communication in everyday life, for instance within professional groups or among consumers. An other theme of interest is organising processes, focusing how practices often involving several actors, enact institutions or for instance the financial markets. One exemple of this is the study of how experts within the investment banks contribute in enacting the market for shares.

Brief presentation of projects:

Brands resonating co-authors. Brands are cultural, political and ideological objects and have come to represent life styles, ethical considerations and role models of today. There are, however, several possible actors influencing the symbolic message conveyed by a brand, so-called co-authors. The project is exploring branding processes and how co-authoring of importance take place and why. The project focuses on contemporary branding processes and how they are integrated in the digital world.

Financial networks and its formal and informal ties. The project focuses on how networks shape contacts within the financial markets. By using correspondence analysis the study focuses on the formal and informal networks within the industry and the preconditions these shape. Co-workers: Professor Erik Borg, Dr Lars Vigerland both Södertörn University.

Organizing the Multi-Professional Market-Maker. By studying the experts involved in the trading of shares, that is traders, analysts, brokers and experts in corporate banking, this study aims at illustrating their work and how they contribute in the shaping of the financial markets. Co-workers: Associate Professor Jesper Blomberg, Associate Professor Hans Kjellberg both Stockholm School of Economics.

Teaching assignments: Branding, communication, consumer culture, organization theory, leadership

Recent publications:

Winroth K (2020) Fashionabla varumärken och passionerade entreprenörer, Stockholm, Ekerlids Förlag.

Winroth K (2019) Besatta av varumärken. Organisation och Samhälle, nr 2, 50-55.

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