Lars Lundgren

Lars Lundgren

Associate Professor

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Culture and Education


Lars Lundgren is associate professor in Media & Communication Studies at Södertörn University, Sweden. His current research focus on transnational distribution of television, and especially the emergence of a global satellite system during the latter half of the 20th century. He is principle investigator of Via Satellite: Transnational Infrastructures in European Television History, funded by The Foundation of Baltic and East European Studies (2015-2017, with Christine Evans, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Another area of interest concerns how media use and cultural preferences links in with historical and social structures which is explored in the project Habitus in Higher Education together with Stina Bengtsson (ÖSS 2012-2014). The project is based on previous research presented in the book The Don Quixote of Youth Culture (co-written with Stina Bengtsson) where we compare media use and cultural preferences among students in Sweden and Estonia. One of the arguments of the book is that the sometimes converging and sometimes diverging patterns of cultural taste is best explained by the interplay between different historical (political, social, cultural and educational) conditions and the contemporary global media landscapes.

Lundgren received his PhD in January 2008 after defending his thesis Culture and Transmission: The technological and cultural reach of international syndicated radio at Stockholm University. The dissertation explores how the internationally syndicated radio programme Solid Steel reach its listeners around the world. At the centre of the study lie questions of how to understand communication both as a means of bridging geographical distances and as the production of shared values and meaning in an international media culture.

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