Lars Lundgren

Lars Lundgren

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

I am associate professor in media and communication studies. My research interests include media theory, communication history, media infrastructures, and history of media studies.

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Culture and Education


My research is often archive-based and I have written on such topics as transnational television, cooperation and integration of television networks across Cold War divides, and the emergence of a global satellite system in the latter half of the twentieth century. In a forthcoming book, No Heavenly Bodies (MIT Press, 2023) I trace, together with Christine E. Evans, how satellite communications infrastructure was imagined, negotiated, and built across the Earth's surface, including across the Iron Curtain. While the United States' and European countries' roles in satellite communications are well documented, this book delve deep into the role the Soviet Union and other socialist countries played in shaping the infrastructure of satellite communications technology in its first two decades.

In a newly started project, A Sea of Data (Baltic Sea Foundation, 2023-2025), I study how analogue and digital media technologies have shaped our ways of understanding and relating to the sea. The project investigates mediated temporalities for navigation and surveillance, as well as the role of media technology in producing environmental knowledge about the sea.

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