Liza Haglund

Liza Haglund


Senior Lecturer

Teaching in education and Teacher education,

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Teacher Education

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In my dissertation Towards Epistemic and Interpretative Holism (2017) a point of departure is taken in core epistemological and ontological assumptions informing three major approaches to learning: behaviourism, cognitive constructivism and sociocultural perspectives. It is argued that all three perspectives provide important insights into research on learning, but each one alone runs the risk of reducing learning and interpretations of learning to single aspects. Specific attention is therefore given to Intentional Analysis since it has been developed in order to account for sociocultural aspects that influence learning and individual cognition. It is further argued that interpretations of learning processes meet challenges, so called conditions that need to be accounted for in order to make valid interpretations. These conditions are mainly different kinds of holism, that theories are underdetermined by the data and the complexity of intentionality. Interpretation is therefore also discussed in the light of the philosopher Donald Davidson’s theories of knowledge and interpretation. It is suggested that his theories may provide aspects of an ontological and epistemological stance that can form the basis for interpretations of learning in educational research. Thus it gives a first formulation of research strategies, a so called Interpretative holism, that takes seriously the complex conditions of learning and can meet the requirement of descriptive adequacy. The thesis discusses what such a stance may imply with regard to the nature and location of knowledge and the status of the learning situation.

In spring 2018 I started the post doc project "Pupils and teachers construct knowledge about values and existential questions in the leisure center."

A couple of my later publications are the result of a recently completed three-year project on philosophical discussions on value-based issues at school. The project has been conducted in collaboration with the National Theater and Luleå University of Technology.

I teach at teacher education and pedagogics.

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