Magdalena Elmersjö

Magdalena Elmersjö

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor in Social Work, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

+46 8 608 52 63 +4686085263

Social Sciences


PhD in social work, senior lecturer in social work

Field of specialisation:

Social policy and care, eldercare and issues related to competence, representations on old age and care needs among care workers, working conditions and trust-based management.

Recent and ongoing research projects after dissertation 2014 (project manager):

Competence in Competition (Forte Dnr 2013–2296 year: 2015-2016)

Trust-based Management in Home Care (The Trust Commission year: 2017-2018)

With Common Forces (Stockholm Stadsmission Year: 2018 - ongoing)

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.