Malin Gawell

Malin Gawell

Associate Professor

My research interest includes social entrepreneurship, social enterprises, social innovation and civil society. This is also what I teach.

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Social Sciences


Malin Gawell, PhD, is associated professor in business studies with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Her main research interest is how social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and civil society can contribute to the development of society. This means a problematization of both potentials as well as critical aspects of how human beings engage in and organize activities based on what they perceive as necessary. Malin’s publications include her dissertation on Activist Entrepreneurship, the anthology Entrepreneurship in the Name of Society, and the anthology Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises. Nordic Perspectives. Apart from these books, she has written a number of articles and book chapters in swedish and international research publications as well as a number of reports for different types of organizations, public authorities/ministries and EU commission.

Currently Malin is involved in several research and collaborative projects with a focus on different dynamic aspects in society as well as the organizing and leadership in (civil) society such as entrepreneurship in city planning in the project Reinventing the Suburbs in Fragmented Landscapes (funded by KK-foundation), mapping social enterprises in Sweden and Europe (funded by the EU commission), social innovation against segregation (funded by Vinnova), and fostering innovation for increased relevance of University of Rwanda to the country (funded by SIDA).

Malin is also involved in the international collaboration COST Action: Empowering the next generation of social enterprise scholars External link. (supported ty the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and coordinated by EMES research network External link.). She is also involved in the centres ENTER forum, REINVENT and Centre for the Study of Political Organisation (CPO).

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