Marta Edling

Marta Edling


Professor i konstvetenskap, ledamot av fakultetsnämnden 2022-2025

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Culture and Education


Professor Marta Edling has worked at Södertörn University since 2012.

She is professor of the history and theory of art at Södertörn University, Stockholm since 2012, and is docent in art history at Uppsala University 2010. Often departing from sociology, her research includes critical readings of the Swedish artistic field, the history of 20th century artistic education and artistic research, art academies and art theory 1500- and the history of photography. Since 2018 she is researching artistic positions and collaborations in the Nordic region 1945-89 focusing on the role of national and regional artistic networks and cross-border contacts inside and outside of the Nordic region.

Edling has taught art history and supervised at second- and third level studies at Stockholm, Uppsala and Södertörn universities and she collaborates with researchers in Swedish, Scandinavian and international networks.

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