Martin Johansson

Martin Johansson


Senior Lecturer

As a project researcher at the Institute for contemporary history, I analyse British and Nordic attitudes towards the Biafran war and the subsequent crisis between 1967 and 1970.

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Historical and Contemporary Studies


I am a PhD student currently working within the ReNEW research hub, connected to the institute of contemporary history. I have previously studied history at Uppsala University, the University of Gothenburgh and the University of Edinburgh. Aside from history, I have also studied arts, literature and geography. My fields of interest include imagined communities, sports history, democracy history and transnational perspectives.

My master thesis examined how Swedish royal power attempted to legitimise itself through
proclamations read from the pulpits during the Napoleonic Wars. The thesis showed how royal power during the wars used different strategies to cope with the tension between traditional ideas of divine right, and the secular notions of a dawning modern age.

My current PhD project investigates narratives of Norden and Nordicness during sporting competitions after the second world war. The project aims to enhance the understanding of Norden as an imagined region, by approaching sporting competitions as transnational and emotionally enabling events.

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.