Michael Gilek

Associate Professor


I study how environmental issues are assessed and governed, and challenges to reach environmental & sustainability objectives. Marine and coastal sustainability are main interests

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

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Michael Gilek is Professor in Environmental Science and has extensive experience of empirical and theoretical research on environmental science, assessment and management of environmental risks, and marine environmental governance. In his ongoing research MG leads several interdisciplinary research projects focussed on analysing and comparing marine spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region, as well as the governance of important human-induced environmental risks affecting the ecological status of Baltic Sea (e.g. overfishing, eutrophication and chemical pollution). These projects bring together researchers from various social and natural sciences to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the governance of environmental risks. The primary focus of MGs own research is on understanding interactions between scientific knowledge production and the management of environmental issues and risks.

Selected recent publications

Karlsson, M. and Gilek, M. 2018. Management of Hazardous Substances in the Marine Environment. In: Salomon and Markus (eds.) Handbook on Marine Environment Protection: Science, Impacts and Sustainable Management. pp. 715-732. Cham: Springer.

Edvardsson Björnberg, K. Karlsson, M. Gilek, M., Hansson, SO. 2017. Climate and Environmental Science Denial: A Review of the Scientific Literature Published in 1990-2015. J Cleaner Prod. 167:229-241.

Saunders, F., Gilek, M. and Linke, S. 2017. Knowledge for environmental governance: Probing science-policy theory in the cases of eutrophication and fisheries in the Baltic Sea. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1523908X.2017.1286575

Gilek, M., Karlsson, M., Linke, S. and Smolarz, K. (eds.). 2016. Environmental Governance of the Baltic Sea. Springer.

Gilek, M. and Kern, K. Editors. 2015. Governing Europe’s Marine Environment. Europeanization of Regional Seas or Regionalization of EU Policies? Ashgate Publishing. 274 pp

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