Mona Petersson

Mona Petersson

Senior Lecturer

I teach in geography and environmental science. The focus in my research is landscape processes and the interaction between man and nature.

+46 8 608 41 68 +4686084168

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


The focus of my research is how the landscape and landscape processes at different scales influence and interact with man, the society, and physical planning. In the projects we use multiple methods such as field sampling, interviews, and digital map analysis. I am working within the following projects:

- Transforming cultural landscapes in expansive peri-urban areas implications for ecosystem services in local planning

Financed by: FORMAS

- Human - environment interactions and the epidemiological periurban landscape of tick - borne diseases

Financed by: Östersjöstiftelsen /The Baltic Sea Foundation

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.