Natalia Karlsson

Natalia Karlsson

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Current research (mathematics education) has a focus on developing theoretical and methodological approaches to teaching with focus on crucial mathematical content

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Teacher Education


Research areas are mathematics education and applied mathematics.

I am Head for Mathematics education group, Associate professor/Docent in mathematics, Dr. at the Teacher Education, Södertörn University.

I am author of textbooks in mathematics and mathematics education for higher education, compulsory school and gifted education, reviewer for international research journals, have expiriences as international supervisor within Erasmus + Traineeship (latest colobaration with Kastamonu University, Turkey), supervisor of bachelor, master and PhD students, and opponent.

My qualifications include a associate professor/docent academic title, PhD in mathematics and physics, master’s degree in applied mathematics (specialization mathematical statistics and theory of probability) and a master’s degree in education.

The research on mathematics education deals with how mathematical concepts, structures, models and methods can be transformed and modified in mathematics teaching and how ”preliminary” mathematical concepts, taught in school, can be given such a quality that they without intellectual conflicts can be developed into correct mathematical concepts. The purpose is to offer every student a developable mathematics content adjusted to his or her own level. This is carried out in a co-operation between the two research areas, mathematics and mathematics education. Results from this type of research are presented in research articles, reports, chapters and at international conferences as well as in a number of books for mathematics education with Wiggo Kilborn as co-author.

Current research (mathematics education) has a focus on developing theoretical and methodological approaches to teaching with focus on crucial mathematical content and variation, and the relationships between teaching and learning mathematics. Current research also related to follow areas:

Teacher Education: Pre-service teachers' learning of mathematics for teaching purposes, substantive and syntactic knowledge, mathematical content in pre-service teachers education;

Mathematics Education: Problem-solving and modeling, subject matter knowledge, teaching and learning of mathematical concepts;

Research Methodology: Qualitative and quantitative methods, constructivist grounded theory, transformative learning theory, research ethics and principles, SPSS, MatLab and statistical methods.

Areas of research expertise in the field of mathematics education are mathematical content in teaching and learning of mathematics, constructivism and transformative instruction.

Areas of research expertise on applied mathematics deals with mathematical modeling of processes concerning non-linear dynamic theories for elasticity. That is to construct mathematical models and to choose mathematical methods, analytical as well as numerical, suitable to solve non-linear systems of partial differential equations and integral equations. This was also the essence of my thesis tutored by scientifical supervisor professor Anatoly Alexandrovich Burenin.

Also deals with fuzzy methods and their applications in order to formalize a strategy map. The method used in order to find functional relations between the elements in a strategy map is based on Mamdani's fuzzy inference method.


Bookproject for gifted education, book - serie for compulsory school (grade 1 to grade 9) with the title:

Mathematical problem-solving (2020-2024). Studentlitteratur (in Swedish).

Bookproject for higher education, teacher education with the title:

Mathematics didactics and the content of the teaching (published 2023).

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