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Noomi Weinryb

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I have a PhD in Organization Theory, and my thesis was a comparative study of the accountability of philanthropists. I hold a M. Sc. in Business (including BA), with a major in Organization from the Stockholm School of Economics. I also have a BA in Theatre Studies from Stockholm University, with a thesis on Aesthetics of Philanthropy. In addition to my academic work, I have extensive international experience working as a fundraiser and civil society project leader, and I have also coached civil society initiatives across Europe. RESEARCH INTERESTS With a background in organizational institutionalism, my research is centered on issues of organizing and accountability - comparing civil society in a broad sense, and philanthropy specifically, to public administration.

I am interested in the interface between grassroots activism, often on social media, and elite engagement, often in the form of philanthropy, especially focused on the implications of independent wealth. This also includes exploring emerging, partial, organizational initiatives coalesced through social media, and comparing them to established complete organizations. Methodologically I work with qualitative interviews, focus groups, witness seminars, text analysis of social media interactions, as well as document analysis.

I also make cross-national comparisons across welfare regimes. Empirically, my work is mainly focused on two diverse yet (for me) equally intriguing policy areas; migration policy and higher education policy, focusing on research funding. I also do ongoing research on civil society organizing at large, especially related to the organizational consequences of social media.


I teach and develop courses in Organization Theory at different levels, from undergraduate to PhD, both in Public Administration and in Business Studies. Teaching interests also include civil society research and accountability.


I am the co-supervisor of Petya Burneva, third year PhD Student in Business Studies at Uppsala University.


I lecture regularly about my research for civil society practitioners in different public settings. This includes lecturing for FRII, Ideell Arena, LSU, MUCF, and Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium, as well as Ersta Sköndal Bräcke Högskola. I also publish in the popular press, especially in practitioner-oriented civil society journals. This includes Kurage, Alliance magazine,, and Liberal debatt.


I have made three longer stints as a guest researcher in California, Alberta, and Seoul. I have also been an invited speaker at ESSEC Business School in Paris and Copenhagen Business School. In addition, I have presented at various major organizational and civil society conferences including EGOS, ISTR, ARNOVA, and ECPR. KEY WORDS Organizational Institutionalism, Philanthropy, Accountability, Civil Society, Nonprofits, Organizing through Social Media, Digital activism, Research Funding Policy, Higher Education Policy, Migration Policy

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