Patrik Dinnétz

Patrik Dinnétz

Programme Coordinator

Senior Lecturer

Lecturer in biology with focus on environmental science. My research is mainly focused on plant ecology, transformation of the periurban farming landscape, and tick borne diseases.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I am a senior lecturer in biology, teaching environmental science and education at the
department of Natural sciences, technology, and environmental studies, at Södertörn University. I am teaching in environmental sciences, statistics, ecology, conservation biology, epidemiology, prospective preschool teacher, and high school teacher education in science.

My main research interest is in plant ecology and environmental science. I am currently
involved in a project analyzing the effect landscape characters on plant biodiversity in forests around the Baltic Sea. This is a collaboration with Kari Lehtilä and Tiina Vinter. I am also working together with Börje Ekstam at the Linneus University in two different projects assessing effects of reconstructions of wetlands in southern Sweden. We are mainly interested in re-colonization patterns of the flora following reconstructions. A third research area in which I am active is plant demography. It started with demographic analysis of Sea
plantains Plantago maritima to elucidate the effect of intra-genomic conflicts on sex ratios in natural populations. From there I moved to population viability analyses of rare species which I am still working with.

Recently I have participated in a project studying endocrine disruptive compounds affecting behavior and sexual reproduction in fish together with Inger Porsch-Hällström and several PhD-students. I have also developed a project where we study the effect of landscape structure on ticks and tick-borne diseases, together with colleagues at Södertörn University, Karolinska Hospital and Örebro University. In a newly started project, we are going to study environmental effects of the transition in peri-urban farming systems, from cattle farms for food production to horse keeping for leisure activities.

Earlier work also involves butterfly distributions in patchy landscapes, local adaptation in plants and spatial distribution of livestock parasites in farmlands.

Recent research is partly in medical microbiology focusing on effects of clinical blood sampling design on the efficiency of pathogen detection. We have also launched a new large project studying distribution patterns of PFAS compounds in the Baltic Sea food webs.

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.