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Per Bolin



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Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES)


I am a professor of history and at present the Head of School for History and Contemporary Studies. For the last twenty years I have specialised in the modern history of the Baltic states, particularly Latvia and Lithuania. During this period I have had several research projects on national movments and national institutions, with a special focus on the creation of national universities in these countries during the 1920s and 30s. My main results were published in 2012 in the monograph Between National and Academic Agendas: Ethnic Policies and National Disciplines at Latvias University, 1919-1940 in the Södertörn Academic Studies series. In a new project starting in 2017 in a colloboration with PhD Christina Douglas the main research focus is on the tensions and conflicts in the cultural field in interwar Latvia between the old elite group of Baltic Germans and the new elite group of Latvians.

Before specialising on Baltic issues I did some work on illegitimacy, motherhood and poor law authorities in Swedish towns around 1900. This was part of a research project, "Save the Children", at the Department of Child Studies at Linköping University. My main findings were published by Linköping University Press in 1998: En tråkig historia. Ogifta barn och deras mödrar och fattigvården i Simrishamn, 1870-1920. (A Sad Story. Illegitimate Children, Unwed Mothers and the Simrishamn Poor Law Board, 1870-1920).

My printed doctoral thesis from Lund University in 1990, Work, Family and the State. Child Labour and the Organization of Production in the British Cotton Industry, 1780-1920, investigates child labour, factory inspection and industrial change in Britain.

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