Södertörn University has converted to distance education – no teaching on university premises from Wednesday 18 March

The Swedish Government recommends that after 18 March all higher education institutions move to distance education. Södertörn University has followed this recommendation and there will be no teaching on university premises until further notice. This is likely to apply throughout the spring semester. All written examinations will be replaced by other forms of examination for the entire spring semester. Students are asked to stay updated about their course or programme via SH-StudyWeb. Staff and students can access the university premises with their keycards and both Infocenter and the library are open.




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Ralph Tafon



Environmental politics, governance and conflicts; power; discourse theory; development studies and marine spatial planning.

+46 8 608 45 51 +4686084551

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


Ralph is a doctoral student at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies. He has a background in both Human Geography and Environmental Studies from Stockholm University and Södertörns Högskola, respectively. Ralphs interests include Political Ecology, Integrated Conservation and Development Projects, forest issues and conflicts, power relations in decision-making processes, as well as the processes and implications of land grabbing, all in the Sub-Saharan region.

Ralphs PhD thesis is within the BaltSpace Project that explores issues in Marine Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region. Specifically, Ralphs interest in Marine Spatial Planning processes focuses on integration across scales, sectors, borders and knowledge. His focus on integration is, inter alia, power relations that are inherent among a range of stakeholders in Marine Spatial Planning Practice, borrowing broadly from planning theory literature.


1. Power Relations and Cassava: Conservation and Development in Cameroon. Journal of Environment and Development (2015)

2. Power and Resistance in Cameroon – Strategies, Intentionality, Intersectionality, and Shifting Spaces and Identities (2015). Journal of Political Power 8:3, 321-343, DOI: 10.1080/2158379X.2015.1099211

3. Taking power to sea: Towards a post-structuralist discourse theoretical critique of marine spatial planning (2017). Available before print at journal of Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space. DOI: 10.1177/2399654417707527

4. The Politics of Land Grabbing: State and corporate power and the (trans)nationalization of resistance in Cameroon (2018). https://doi.org/10.1111/joac.12264

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